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Herzing Birmingham

  1. 0 Getting ready to start Herzing LPN program 1/9/12. Anyone going there or graduated from there. If so any advice to give me? I know its expensive, have a 3.4 Gpa and have applied to many schools and still havent gotten in. So i have to do whats best for me. I accept any feedback. Thanks!!
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    Hi, I just joined allnurses. I came across your post as I was researching Herzing in Birmingham for LPN. I know that they are expensive but I'm just really annoyed with "waiting lists". I went to the nursing information session on tues 3-13-12 and I take the TEAS this friday, if I make above 48 I guess I will find out if I will be able to start class on April 30th. I have already passed and hope will be able to transfer in math, eng, and a&p. I guess my question is..Are you in class all day and how is it splitting the sem up into '2 terms'? Does that mean a test every week? Are the teachers helpful? Do you reccommend Herzing to anyone else? Sorry for ALL of the questions, I guess I'm just nervous and excited to get started with school.
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    You are ok. It depends on what prerequisites u have transfer in. The test are every week or every other week. The teachers are helpful, take advantage of the hours they have for tutoring. I recommend Herzing its hard work and you can do it. Stay focused and Good luck!!