Getting ready to start Shelton State ADN Aug 22!

  1. I'm so excited (& broke)! I just finished buying my books today. It was over $400 just for the 103, 102 books, and Nursing Kit today. I had already bought my 104 books and nursing apps. I still need to order my stethoscope. I wasn't able to turn in my health form today because there wasn't anyone in the office. I was finally able to get it completed last Friday. The physical, titers, immunizations, and TB tests cost me almost $500.
    I can't believe I'm saying this but...I can't wait for class to start!

    I signed up for the EOL class like we were told to, but I don't know to access the assignments. Do any of you know?

    What preparations have you made so far? What do you still have to do? Has anyone start reading/studying yet?
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  3. by   teaton
    Hi! I'm excited too! Also very nervous! I have gotten just about everything ready to go. I am almost finished with the Elo class. I accessed everything through blackboard. It is not hard. It just takes time. I can not believe that I will actually be in nursing school in just a few short weeks!
  4. by   BelleNscrubs04
    Yea!! I ordered my stethoscope today. A "gift" from my hubby, I went all out and got a Littman cardiology III in plum. I hope I love it because It has to last me a few years. I can't wait untill it comes.

    I probably won't start working on the ELO assignment until next weekend. I'm going to the beach this weekend to squeeze in a short vacation before my son goes back to school.

    I've started reading my nursing books. I need to work on the dosage calculations book since math isn't my best subject but I just can't seem to make myself tackle math while on summer vacation : )
  5. by   lpr0711
    Hey guys. Its been a while since I've been on here but I can't believe we will be starting school in almost 3 weeks! I'm excited and ready to get started even though I am sure I will be eating those word in about a month. I finished the ELO class lady week and got that turned in. It's funny bc I have been taking online classes for the past year on blackboard through East Miss CC and now I had to take a course to "teach me" how to take an online class lol. Oh well, it was super easy.

    I THINK I have everything ready to go. Health forms, most of my books (one class wasn't in the bookstore yet on Monday so they told me to check back), shoes, stethoscope, pen light, etc. I'm dead broke! I just made my husband a deal that I will not buy any new clothes from now until Christmas and he can't buy any new hunting stuff (this is an extreme sacrifice for the both of us!).

    I really hope we get our uniforms soon, maybe then it will actually kick in that I am in nursing school. I'm getting a new backpack since I have the same one I use throughout highschool and college (like 10 years old) and I'm a little too excited about haha. I feel like a little kid on tw first day of school when you get a new box of crayons . I need to start reading my books and dosage calculations but I'm having a hard time prying myself away from actual novels. I keep thinking, these are the last few weeks I have to read for "pleasure" and not school.

    Also, check your email. They sent another email today about new charges on our acct that have to be paid by aug 15 or we will be dropped from our classes.
  6. by   BelleNscrubs04
    Did ya'll hear about what happened to Stillman? Their nursing program is shut down now. I feel terrible for those who were counting on getting their degree from that program! At the same time, I'm glad that I listened to the warning I was given about it from some in the nursing dept at Shelton. How terrible to find out now after everywhere else's spots are already taken to just find out you don't have a program to attend?
  7. by   lpr0711
    That is awful but I'm not shocked. When I was applying to schools I looked at the Alabama board of nursing website list of schools. They have a list of every schools nclex passing rate for the past 3yrs and Stillman's were insanely low! Like somewhere around 17% passing rate last year, which is unreal.
  8. by   BelleNscrubs04
    1 week to go...
  9. by   lpr0711
    Can't wait! My last day of work is tomorrow. There will definitely be lots of tears shed, but I am ready to start this new chapter!
  10. by   lpr0711
    Hey girls, I just happened to go on blackboar and notices there is something due Monday for nursing 102. I haven't opened it yet but just read that it should be completed my monday at 8:00am. It is under the content tab.
  11. by   BelleNscrubs04
    Quote from lpr0711
    Hey girls, I just happened to go on blackboar and notices there is something due Monday for nursing 102. I haven't opened it yet but just read that it should be completed my monday at 8:00am. It is under the content tab.
    I didn't see your post until just now but I found the assignment late last night. I'm installing microsoft word on my computer right now so I can get to work on it. I think it's a pretty easy study skills/ time management assignment to help us get prepared for the craziness of nursing school so hopefully it won't take too long to knock out.

    I still need to complete the ELO assignments too. I've been waiting to get my new computer and printer all set up but now I'm running out of time.