Faulkner State RN Spring 13 - Who got in?

  1. Hey! I was just wondering if anyone on here got in at Faulkner State in Bay Minette, Alabama for Spring '13. If so Congrats and I will see you during orientation on the 14th
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  3. by   lolu
    Congratulations, am happy for you. I intend to apply for fall in Faulkner state too, still working on my prerequisite though. Can i know what the cut off point is and your total points?

    Thanks a lot
  4. by   gingerellen77
    I am new here, but I will be at FSCC for Spring 2013 also! Congratulations to you!!!
  5. by   lolu
    Congratulations Gingerellen...... If you dont mind, what was your total score pls . Am in Bay minette and i intend to apply in fall. I heard Fscc is so competitive, i just need to know my chances of getting in

    Thank you
    hi all! please let me know what you think of this school. I have heard it has a good reputation.Please let me know what the teachers are like. THANKS! ALSO CONGRATS!
  7. by   gingerellen77
    I had 183 points if I remember correctly. I had an extra math that I didn't expect them to take, but they did. They are very competitive. This will be my first time at Faulkner. I just finished at Pensacola State.
  8. by   newnurse1986
    FSCC is a good program HOWEVER the instructors are overbearing and there is a high drop rate!!! GO TO PSC
  9. by   lolu
    I eventually got into Faulkner for fall 2013. Does anyone have any advise to offer as per the instructors and how to handle the stress?
  10. by   gingerellen77
    Each instructor is different. I haven't had all of them yet, but my advice is to pay close attention the first few days to the course outline and syllabus. Ask questions to find out what each instructor expects from you. They are all very willing to help you and want you to succeed, each just has their own unique way of expressing it. Don't be intimidated by what you may have heard. They are phenomenal teachers. I wouldn't back out of an opportunity for any one of them to teach or mentor me. In the end it makes you a better nurse and that is what we are there for, not just the piece of paper. As far as the stress goes, I am sure you have started to figure out ways to cope. The first semester was the toughest for me. It was a culture shock and overwhelming with 3 classes. Things got better after midterm. I'm in my third semester now, and the best way I've found to fight the stress is to stay organized, go to bed early on the days you are able to. I like to get the "busy work" out of the way ahead of time, so that it keeps those days closer to test time open for studying more intensely. Find a study buddy or someone close to you to carpool with and vent to/with. Try to let the things like dusting, mopping, and washing your car go without letting it bother you. Those are some of the things I had to let go of having on my schedule, in order to have better time management. I wish you the best! You will do just fine!