Excelsior Graduates?

  1. 0 Are there any Excelsior graduates who have taken their NCLEX in AL recently? I see that the most recent post on this topic was in 2009. I am attempting to finish my theory exams by the end of the month and then plan to take the FCCA Jan-March. Would like to pick up a cancelation for CPNE to take it ASAP. With all this said, I'd like to know if I should plan to look for a job in TN. :-(
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    Hey! Just wondering how your alabama excelsior experience turned out?
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    It went well! After I applied to the ABN for my license/approval to take NCLEX, I received a call from ABN notifying me that the board would need to approve my credits, since Excelsior is not an accredited school in Alabama. I was asked to submit my LPN college transcript, by ADN college transcript, a list of my LPN work experience (like a resume), and proof from my employer that I had worked for them with my LPN license. I submitted the paperwork, and then I just had to wait for the ABN board meeting. The meeting was held on 11/14, and they notified me that very day of their approval. I received my NCLEX registration paperwork within about three days. It wasn't as horrible as I had thought it would be.

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