considering a career change to nursing. need a little info, please.

  1. I currently have B.S. in Biology and I work in research in Birmingham. Lately I've felt like I might be in a dead-end career and I think I'd like to start Jeff State's night/weekend program. (I'm going to start taking some of the prereqs in the Spring. Yes, I have a degree in Biology but didn't take some of them. UAB doesn't have strict rules about what you must take.) What I'd like to know from current nurses is what to epect in terms of finding a job and how much I should expect to make within my first couple of years as a nurse. Currently I make about 18.70/hr. Will nursing be better?
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  3. by   Tessaprn
    Psy will not be much better, at least in AL. I enjoy nursing per se. What I find to be a great pain is that to do actual patient care is almost nonexisted. Too much paperwork to cover butts, leaves no time to spend with patients.
  4. by   magnolia3957
    Helllo. I am basically in the same boat. I have a BA from UAB and work in Pharmaceuticals. I had many of the science classes with my BA b/c I started out in nursing. At any rate, I just thought I would give you my 2 cents based on my experience. Jeff State requires your grades from 1 math and 3 science pre-reque (if you do not have a 3rd science, they will let you use a college math in one of those slots), and a compas test score. I have B's in my science classes and an A in my math class. a 3.04 gpa and a perfect score on the compass exam. I did not get into the night/wk or the full time program. I have 180 points on there addmitance points system. They have not determined what the point minimum for this last accepeptance class (spring) was yet, but for the last acceptance of the night/wk program and the fall start day program the minimum that got in was 183.

    So, with all that said, what classes do you have to take? I can make some instructor suggestions if you would like. I am re-taking bio 103 next semester to try for an A so I can get in. It has been 13 years since I took it the first time at UAB. I could do the 2nd degree program at UAB but do not have the money!

    good luck in your decision.