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  1. I'm a LPN and currently wanted to go back to CVCC (where I got my LPN) and go thru the LPN-RN Mobility Program. But I was told by a co-worker that the school had lost their nursing accreditation. Any comments from any nursing students that are presently enrolled in the program. I would surely appreciated. Just wondering should I try Southern Union Community College in Opelika Al. Thanks Be Blessed!
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  3. by   soladylike1
    Yes CVCC did lose their nursing accreditation from the NLNAC. Most students are going to complete the program. The school advised us that they have met and discussed this matter with local employers whom have confirmed that it will not be a problem. However, many other nurses on this site have stated that it can pose potential problems if you want to further you nursing education. Also some hospital groups may not hire you if you did not graduate from an accredited nursing program. Fortunately if and when CVCC regains there accreditation things will be fine again. The school has stated that it has corrected the issues that caused them to lose the accreditation and can not be re-evaluated for accreditation again for another 2 or more years.