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Calhoun Community College Fall 2013 - page 2

I am applying to Calhoun community 2013, and would just like to get a forum started, to see who all is applying! (:... Read More

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    Unmarried, no kids, two jobs both part-time as of now... however once I start school back I hear its near impossible to keep a job, even if you have one that works with your hours. Anyone else hear that?

    Anyway, I'm currently (or last semester I was) a "sophmore" at CC and want to work in NICU, mother/baby, or OB/GYN (ehh, maybe not). And then use my RN skills to go on medical missions!
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    Cyndle, that is EXACTLY what I want to do with my degree. Medical missions has been on my heart since I graduated high school. On the job side, I did hear it is really hard to keep a job while in nursing school. I only work on Sundays at a church so I really hope I can manage with just that.
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    Does anyone know if they ave posted a list of what everything is going to cost?
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    All our precious little pennies is my bet. lol I don't know for sure but hey, at least it's not going to be anything like UAH..
    Has ANYONE received a letter? Seriously, CCC is getting on my everlast nerve!
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    I havent received anything from them.. hopefully it will be next week!
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    I haven't gotten anything either. Maybe something will come today! A lot of people have said they were dated right around now so my bet is that the nursing dept mailed them out yesterday or will mail them out next week.
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    I hope you are right! I am so anxious!
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    Nothing today. I suppose we'll have to stalk the mailbox a little bit longer.
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    Nothing here! Still Stalking (the mailbox), LOL!
    Praying it'll be soon, like today!!!!
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    Hello is anyone applying for the Spring? What did everyone use to study for the teas?
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    I heard the TEAS study books are good. I never bought study material for it. I just kinda winged it ( and still made a decent score)
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    I started a thread a while ago about CCC's fall nursing program, and one of the people posted that she emailed the nursing department about how long we should wait for a response, and she said it was about was a 6 week wait from the application deadline...soooo that makes it next week we should begin hearing something. Yall post if you got in or not; I would love to see you there!
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    I hope something comes sooner than next week!

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