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Bio 103 challenge exam??

  1. 0 I have been given a choice of the challenge exam or taking the course?? Does anyone know anything about the exam? I really don't want to take the course...
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    i am wondering the same thing. i have to go order my test tomorrow!! wished i knew more about it! Good Luck
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    Where are you going to?
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    Bevill state in Hamilton
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    That's cool I am going to Sumiton campus! I spoke with the lady at Hamilton yesterday... they are very nice...

    Good luck!

    I am going to get some type of book today?? I can't get anyone at Sumiton on the phone they are all out until the 27th... it makes me a nervous wreck!!
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    i know i called the lady that does the Challenge exam this morning. i am going tomorrow to buy the exam and show her where i paid for it so she can order it...i am worried now that i won't pass you know anything about finanical aid or loans??
    Good Luck to you too!!
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    I know a little... I have student loans?? Have you filled out your FASFA? It shouldn't matter what state your from (I wouldn't think) as long as your are enrolled in that school, cause it comes from the school??
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    yeah i have filled out my FAFSA...and i have loans at the college i am currently at. idk..i am going to go try to catch the FA lady tomorrow. Thanks!! and good luck