Baptist Health Scholarship Montgomery

  1. Hi,

    I just began taking a couple of prerequisite classes (a&P I and psychology) @ Troy University Montgomery in preparation of beginning their nursing program next year. I already have a B.S. from Troy, but have decided to pursue nursing both because I think the job market offers more opportunities in this field and that I'd think it would suit my interests.

    I am aware that the Baptist hospital here in Montgomery offers a scholarship of up to $1500 per semester in return of 2 years service. I'd like to know if anybody has or is currently involved with this scholarship program and can offer any feedback as to the pros and cons of pursuing this program.

    I already have over 45k in student loan debt and had not been able to find a job in my field (sport and fitness management) and would like to enter nursing using as little out of pocket/student loan money as possible.

    I thank you all in advance for your help and advice!
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