awaiting Chattahoochee Valley acceptance.

  1. 0 Hello all!

    I just turned in my CVCC LP and RN admission packets today and i'm not so sure how I did. I scored a 73 overall on the TEAS V. An administrator says the average score is 65. I have all B's in my classes.

    Overall for the CVCC points system I have a total of 153 out of the possible 220pts for the LPN program and total 148 out of 250 possible pts for RN program. How did anyone else do.

    I wonder if i will get accepted.. I'm SOOOSOOOOO nervous!
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    Moved to AL Nursing Programs forum.

    Good luck on getting accepted!!!
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    Did you mean Chattahoochee Valley Community College? I'm gonna take my second TEAS again on 23rd March. I don't understand you said you got 148 points out of 250 because you got 73 from the TEAS, so you supposed to get (73*150)/100 = 109.5. You also got B's from your classes(which are A&P 1, A&P 2, Microbiology?), so you supposed to get 60 points. You have 109.5 +60=169.5 points not 148 points.
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    And I think you gonna get in to the program. The minimum points for the last year was 138 points for the RN program.
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    I am taking microbilogy now so they wont count those points this term. on AP1 and 2 and math I got all b's
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    and thanks for the postive words pbni. I had no idea how to get any info on their admission statitistics from last year as far as the points are concerned. I felt like my scores may not be good enough. I am initimidated because i am a plain old B student and other ppl have 4.0's that i may be competing against. My nerver are a little shot! LOL!
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    By the way, I have 68.9 from the TEAS, and 90 from A&P 1,2 and Microbiology. I hope I will get it in too.
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    well that is 60 extra points that i have give or take! I am sure will be just fine! Good luck to you!
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    I have heard my adviser said there were 160 applied for ADN program.
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    Hey! Have either one you heard anything yet because I may apply here next year.
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    I got a letter today. I am in.
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    Has anyone applied for the 2014 chattahoochee valley adn program
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    Did you ever get into the program

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