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Hello all! I just turned in my CVCC LP and RN admission packets today and i'm not so sure how I did. I scored a 73 overall on the TEAS V. An administrator says the average score is 65. I have all... Read More

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    Did you ever get in to the chattahoochee valley nursing program. I applied this year and am waiting for results they mail them tomorrow
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    How many were accepted into your cohort?
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    Turned in my application for the CVCC RN program. I have 143.9 points. I am hoping that I get into the program. I received A's in A&P 1 and 2, I received C in Microbiology. I know that a lot of people applied I am hoping I did good enough. Do anyone know of anyone else that has been accepted with a score this low. I know that that the max score you can get is 250...What are my chances? Thanks for any in put that anyone has...


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