Anyone taking A & P II at Jeff State? Anyone taking A & P II at Jeff State? | allnurses

Anyone taking A & P II at Jeff State?

  1. 1 LiveLoveLearn: Thanks for all the great info!

    I will be taking A & P II Tu/Thrs 9:30am at Jeff State/Carson Road...anyone else?

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    I have amanda Kin on saturday
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    You will love her. She is very straightforward and very approachable. Listen to her when she says she is giving you clues on remembering things. I made an A in her class.
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    Are you majoring in nursing there and how many points do you need? I am applying in the fall. How hard are her test?
    Thanks, Ckprkr
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    I think this past semester 183 was needed. I had 187, and was accepted into both Jeff State and Wallace. I chose to go to Wallace.

    Her tests are not bad; but you have to study and look at your notes DAILY. If you do that, and keep up with the material you won't have a problem. I made A's on all her tests. Just work hard.
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    Wow, goldstein
    Are you in you first semester? Is it as scary as they say? I am worried from all the stories! I will be applying for this fall with hopefully 187 points. Why did you decide on wallace? I thought you would need to take your A&Ps over again and math. I thought those would not transfer.
    Thanks for responding! I need advice!!!!
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    Yes, they transfer. I decided on Wallace based on some stories I have heard from students about the JS nursing program (and a couple of instructors but cant name names). I called Wallace and talked to a couple of people and I could not believe the difference in how I was treated there as opposed to Jeff State. This is my first semester, and although I'm overwhelmed and I am studying constantly, I'm excited to be here. The instructors there are so great and encouraging so far. What else do you have to take besides A&P II to get your cores done?
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    I have only micro this summer and a mini term in may of an elective. I need to get mt paper work in by may for fall nursing. I have tried numerous time to talk to someone at wallace but can,t get anyone to return my call. I will go down there soon. I will have 187 to apply with if I get an A in mrs Kinns class. Who did you have for micro? Everyone keeps telling me a&p 1 and 2 will not transfer and also math 116 .Why? Do you think I will make it with 187? my gpa is 3.72. Do you work or have a family while you are in school?
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    You will get in with 187, that's what I had. I don't work but I have two children, a husband, a dog, a house, lol. I have a lot of support from them, which is very important. Email me directly and I'll tell you what I think about micro,

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