Anyone taking A & P II at Jeff State?

  1. LiveLoveLearn: Thanks for all the great info!

    I will be taking A & P II Tu/Thrs 9:30am at Jeff State/Carson Road...anyone else?

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  3. by   ckprkr
    I have amanda Kin on saturday
  4. by   patricianyc
    You will love her. She is very straightforward and very approachable. Listen to her when she says she is giving you clues on remembering things. I made an A in her class.
  5. by   ckprkr
    Are you majoring in nursing there and how many points do you need? I am applying in the fall. How hard are her test?
    Thanks, Ckprkr
  6. by   patricianyc
    I think this past semester 183 was needed. I had 187, and was accepted into both Jeff State and Wallace. I chose to go to Wallace.

    Her tests are not bad; but you have to study and look at your notes DAILY. If you do that, and keep up with the material you won't have a problem. I made A's on all her tests. Just work hard.
  7. by   ckprkr
    Wow, goldstein
    Are you in you first semester? Is it as scary as they say? I am worried from all the stories! I will be applying for this fall with hopefully 187 points. Why did you decide on wallace? I thought you would need to take your A&Ps over again and math. I thought those would not transfer.
    Thanks for responding! I need advice!!!!
  8. by   patricianyc
    Yes, they transfer. I decided on Wallace based on some stories I have heard from students about the JS nursing program (and a couple of instructors but cant name names). I called Wallace and talked to a couple of people and I could not believe the difference in how I was treated there as opposed to Jeff State. This is my first semester, and although I'm overwhelmed and I am studying constantly, I'm excited to be here. The instructors there are so great and encouraging so far. What else do you have to take besides A&P II to get your cores done?
  9. by   ckprkr
    I have only micro this summer and a mini term in may of an elective. I need to get mt paper work in by may for fall nursing. I have tried numerous time to talk to someone at wallace but can,t get anyone to return my call. I will go down there soon. I will have 187 to apply with if I get an A in mrs Kinns class. Who did you have for micro? Everyone keeps telling me a&p 1 and 2 will not transfer and also math 116 .Why? Do you think I will make it with 187? my gpa is 3.72. Do you work or have a family while you are in school?
  10. by   patricianyc
    You will get in with 187, that's what I had. I don't work but I have two children, a husband, a dog, a house, lol. I have a lot of support from them, which is very important. Email me directly and I'll tell you what I think about micro,