anyone ever heard of Healthcare Academy/Institute?

  1. I heard you could go here for patient care assistant training. I googled them and they are in Fultondale, Al but it does not say much about them. I want to get trained as something so I can get hired in a hospital when I quit my job to start RN program. I realize you can do it after you complete your 1st clinical (2nd semester I think) but I need a job before that.
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  3. by   matchsticktgt is their website, I believe
  4. by   matchsticktgt
    OOPS - SORRY! Here is the correct website: www.HealthCareTrainingInstitute.Net

  5. by   q1w2e3
    I had to attend Healthcare Academy as a prereq for getting in to UAB's BSN program (it is no longer a requirement there, though) and it did help me to get a job at Brookwood as a PCA, but it was a very crappy program. You don't really learn anything and just end up volunteering at a nursing home for several days. The two guys who teach the class are nice, and the whole thing is on the up and up, but I just didn't like it. I had to do it, and it did get me a job at Brookwood, but it wasn't the best program.

    Good luck!
  6. by   magnolia3957
    where is it?
    how long was the program? Thats exactly why I was looking for some training, to be able to get a job in a hospital to even be able to quit mine and start nursing school. THANKS
  7. by   bebe123
    If my memory serves me correctly, the program was two weekends. There is a book that is required for self-study. There is a test at the end but it's not too bad. My advice is take the information to heart, especially if you want to be a nurse. All the info will be relevant in school (and later). The guys that run it are very nice and helpful. It is NOT a job placement service, they simply expose you to the information and provide you with minimal hands-on experience. It is up to YOU to get the job, although you can use them as a reference. In the end, you will be certified in healthcare provider CPR and will have a better understanding of what to expect as a nursing assistant/PCA.
  8. by   magnolia3957
    I found two location address/phone numbers online. The one in Gardendale i called, they said they only provide CPR classes for health care providers. The other one looks like it is a downtown address. WHERE did you go??
  9. by   bebe123
    The actual class location was on Centerpoint Pkwy. It was a brick building very near Sonic (on that side of the Pkwy). The man's name is Ray Killingback, RN.