Acceptance letters for Shelton state fall 2011 - page 7

Hi Everyone, I was just seeing if anyone has received there letters from Shelton State for fall 2011? The waiting is killing me let me know if any of you have received your letter from Shelton... Read More

  1. by   teaton
    I know! I have seen the nursing students in their uniforms and kept telling myself that I would be there soon. Now I made it and I can't wait to wear mine! This is another step closer to my goal
  2. by   teaton
    Can someone help me please with skyscape? I am having trouble and can't get it installed. I have already paid and everything! Thanks!
  3. by   BelleNscrubs04
    I'm not very techno savy but I was able to get mine installed. Give me the details and maybe I can help if you're still having trouble.
  4. by   teaton
    Thanks! I finally got it fixed! I laughed and told the tech support lady on the phone that I had just gotten my phone and didn't know hardly anything about any of it! I put in my device id # wrong. Funny thing was I even looked it over a few times and reread it to her and she even looked at it and we were both saying the same thing. She helped me though!

    It seems like we have been the only ones checking here lately unless everyone else is just quiet but I just wanted to tell everyone to check their bucs mail. I got an email so if you haven't checked, do!
  5. by   BelleNscrubs04
    I started a new Shelton State thread if any of you are still checking these boards. I thought it might be time to retire this acceptance letter thread since...We'll be starting classes as nursing students soon! : )

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