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  1. I have worked with PSA in Atlanta for a year. I have had some unsettling experiences, some that relate to getting paid, but also to practices that I think may be putting my license at risk. I would like to hear from other nurses who have worked with them. What was your experience like? If you encountered problems, how were they resolved? I am finding that it is difficult to talk to anyone in charge, many things are quieted or swept under the rug, and the blame is liberally passed around. Also, what are some of the best home care agencies to work for?
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  3. by   ArwenEvenstar
    I've done private duty peds but not through PSA. I have specifically chose to avoid PSA because of various "not-so-good" things I have heard about them... such as failing to file medicaid stuff properly and nurses getting accused of medicaid fraud. Etc.

    Quote: "I am finding that it is difficult to talk to anyone in charge, many things are quieted or swept under the rug, and the blame is liberally passed around."
    -- I have found this at other agencies too. Actually my last agency was sold to another agency. And with both of these agencies, they seemed to want to sweep problems under the rug. A very incompetent nurse shared the hours on a case with me. This nurse was SCARY! And I mean scary! In my 17 years of nursing, she is the most incompetent nurse I have EVER known. Yet...this was allowed to go on and on! Errors she made were just ignored or swept under the carpet or excuses made for it. I finally resigned from the case (for several reasons) but a primary reason was this other nurse. I could not ethically remain a part of the situation. I feared something very bad was going to happen to the patient, and my cries fell on deaf ears. It was a horrible catch 22 for me. I hated to leave knowing that I was in a sense abandoning the patient (I wouldn't be there to catch and correct errors, etc.) - but I felt leaving was the best option...

    Well, that was probably more than you needed to know. But my general experience doing private duty RN cases with 3 agencies now is that things are lax in general. There seems to be a "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" type of attitude that seems to pervade. The first agency was a "mom and pop" local one and they were actually the best of the three! But then the owners retired and sold to a national homecare agency. The RN supervisor for this new agency was dense. She was totally in left field and clueless. Now I am with another national homecare agency, and they are "okay". I am content.

    I think it may be hard to say which agencies are the "best". Because although some agencies are nationwide "chains" - each branch is run by different people. And who is running a particular local branch can make a real difference. Things often rise and fall on leadership...
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    Thanks for your reply. I felt as if I was being under valued, but in today's economy I hate to complain about any work. After reading your reply it was clear to me that I will have to leave. Right now, my license is all that I can depend on for a living and I do not want to lose it. I think it might be a good idea to search out a small mom and pop operation for a while. When companies are small the are more hands on and generally pay well. Thanks again for your input.