Thinking about agency, but only have experience in behavioral health

  1. I have been thinking about trying agency nursing, but I only have experience in behavioral health. I have 16 mos. exp. in drug rehab and 4 yrs. in psych hospital. Are there positions for agency nursing in behavioral health for LPNs? I have chronic auto-immune illness and have not worked in 4 yrs. However, I am stabilized on meds and ready to return to nursing. I am not having much success in finding a job. For one, I basically have experience only in behavioral health field. And, I do not want to work FT. I only want to work about two days a week. My dr. does not want me working FT and told me to start out slow. In fact, she suggested agency nursing.
    So, what are my chances of finding an LPN agency position in psych field?
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  3. by   3Angels
    I am agency and have a regular gig 1 day a week at a local B.H.U. most are in need of relief workers so go for it..You can specify the type of nursing you want to do when you sign up and you can start slow, stay healthy.

    Good Luck
  4. by   Wellness-RN
    Hi iwanna.
    I've worked through agencies for years as an LPN and RN.
    Have you considered a Home Health Agency? I suggest this because regular agency work (acute, LTC...) can be very stressful. You walk into a new facility & work with little, if any, orientation. Coming back from an illness, this may be rough. I also worked home care as an LPN. It was wonderful. One patient to whom you can give the best of care. It may be worth considering.
  5. by   iwanna
    Thanks for your reply. I would love to work home health, but I have no med-surg exp. I called about a home health position once, and the lady was very rude to me. It was like I had the audacity to call without experience.
    And, I would like to work as a hospice nurse.
    But, behavioral health is my only experience.
  6. by   Wellness-RN
    Don't let one rude agency person ruin your hopes. When I went into home care, I had only internal medicine experience. I studied thoroughly on my patient's dx/tx & did well. I worked through Bayada Nurses. I know they're in PA. It was a nice agency. As far as Hospice, I'm not sure, but they may be willing to train you. Either sounds like a good fit for you returning after an illness. Peace & be well. :-)
  7. by   RN1989
    It is unsafe for you to be an agency nurse in any other specialty than your experience.

    Agency nurses (and HH nurses) must be able to work independently with little to no assistance from anyone. You would be putting your license and people's lives at risk by attempting to work agency except in behavioral health.

    If you want to work agency in other areas, the best thing is to go to the hospital and get some experience where you will have other staff around to assist you.

    I have not heard of many agencies that do psych much less with LPNs so you will need to do some research if that is whast you are interested in.