How to organize my time as agency nurse in LTC facility? - page 2

Hi, For all of you experienced agency nurses, is there a specific way you organize(or try;-)your shift?i.e., look at the MAR, see if anyone needs their meds now, and vs you will need to get, any diabetics, wound care? etc? I... Read More

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    What state are you in, and what agency do you work for.
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    This is a ? for PhillyBSN. You mentioned, "you usually don't chart until at least the first half of my meds are done." Can you please elaborate. Do you mean half of the meds during the medpass? (this wouldn't be in the middle of the medpass) Or" half" meaning you have already completed, for ex, your 0900 med pass and won't have to pass meds again until 1200 or 1300? Thank you, always looking for ways to improve my practice.
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    I too, like to get to the nsg station 30-45 min early and start planning my day, but sometimes I run into a few glitches. The MARs may not be available, as the prev shift nurse is still passing meds (which is totally understandable, given LTC/SNFs huge nurse/pt ratio) Pts or nsg staff wanting you to start care before your shift begins, also don't forget to watch the clock and go back and punch in (which i have done) then it looks like your late. ARRRRRGH! Keep sending tips nurses, and share the wealth, or as Phil Donahue used to say,"let's mine the gold." And fellow nurses, nobody deserve's the name "GOLD" more than YOU!

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