ER and PACU dept info at St. Thomas Hospital Virgin Islands

  1. My sister and I are considering doing a travel assignment (first time) at the Roy Schnieder Hospital, St. Thomas. I would like to know what level ER it is.....what kind of patients are seen....what is the equipment like? I am nervous. My specialty is ER but I have only worked it for three a level I trauma center. I am more comfortable doing ER, was still learning Trauma. I am envisioning glass bottles for chest tubes in St. Thomas from some of the posts I've read. LOL I would like to know what to expect in patients, equipments, how many beds, etc. Any info would be helpful. My sister's specialty is PACU and would like to know what kind of surgeries to expect.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   Nidgma
    I lived for many years in St. Thomas (still my home) and attended college and worked for about 11 years in Peds. Probably the most important thing for you to know is that it is a little island that is only 3 by 13 miles and that is mostly vertical!! The government is very corrupt and they kinda run their own show so to speak. Economy is poor now compared to 80s. I will say that the hospital equipment is not the latest and technology is not the finest. Patients are very sick and generally use the ER for their primary care. There are government employees that are only taking up space and they will continue to do so until they retire. Nothing new so far. The need for flexibility is a must and being non judgmental essential. Preface everything with good morning, good afternoon or good nite. Things take 10 times longer in the VI than anywhere you have ever been or could imagine.

    Now the good stuff,,,absolutely beautiful, beaches phenominal, seawater you don't want to get out of, people lovely and gracious, music at all times, food to die for, splendiferous sunrises and sunsets, people from all over the world... boating, windsurfing, swimming, picnicing, networking, relaxing, will make memories you will never want to forget!!! Island hopping (boat or plane) by the day or for a few days is something you shouldn't pass up!! If this sounds intrigueing...GO!! By all means at least for one contract!