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agency nurse as a newly qualified

  1. 0 Hey there

    I am a brandnew nurse with 3 months nursinghome experience and was offered to join an agency to do temp assignments (=being an agency nurse)

    I am a bit afraid that it will be very difficult for me as i dont have much experience so far?

    Would you recommend this to a newly qualified?

    At the time here in ireland it appears to be the only chance to collect hospital experience.. as all the hospitals ask for at least 1-2 years experience for permanent positions. kinda frustrating...

    but i still wanna fight for my goal... finally having a hospital job in a field i enjoy...
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    is anybody there who can tell me their opinion or thier experiences? i ahve to make a crucial decision these days and would like to hear some opinions... thanks a lot
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    I'll go up to bat on this one...The only employer I've had since I graduated nursing school last year has been an agency. I applied online right after I passed the NCLEX and was hired. I now realize that my situation isn't always, or maybe shouldn't be, the norm. However, I have flourished and wouldn't give it up for anything. I've done hospice, school nursing for medically fragile patients, follow-up home assessments, and I'm starting a psych assignment in-home tomorrow.

    I have used my clinical skills (caths, meds, g-tube feedings, trach care, etc.), my assessment skills, charting, and so on. I still attend college full-time (online mostly) and have an active social life. The reason agency appeals to me is because working in a LTC facility and factoring in mandatory overtime and such does not appeal to me. I would secretly love to be in a hospital, but I live in Chicago, and I dare you to find a hospital in the city employing LPNs.

    Do I think that you will enjoy agency? If you feel you are inexperienced, then I say go with your gut. I went into it with full confidence, and I'm sure that is why I have been successful. If you are already in a LTC facility, I would say stick it out for another 9 months to get that year under your belt and then move on.

    However, if you do pursue the agency work-best of luck to you!!! We are all here to help if you need anything.