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Working in a laser surgery center

  1. 0 I am just offered a job at a cosmetic center. I will be working with a surgeon who will train me to do botox injections and laser treatments. Needless to say I am super excited about it.

    At the same time, I am offered another non-nursing job (lab coordinator) at a clinical trial research center but the job involves EKG interpreting, blood draw, stool sample, lab results, paperwork. I am more leaning toward the first job at the cosmetic center. I am a new grad with only 2 month experience in a cosmetic/medical same day surgery center ( this is my current job but offer too little hours hence I gotta seek for a second income). A little about my personality: I have low tolerance for stress and cannot handle the pressure working as a floor nurse in the hospital setting. I want something routine, less workload and don't mind to be paid a little less and/or without benefits. I just need something stable.

    Please help me to choose between the two. Thank You!
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    There are LOTS of nurses who want to go into the aesthetics field and can't get a job. Consider yourself lucky and take the job
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    Take the laser job! I am loving it!!! Plus we get discounts on txs lol
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    Does anyone here know if working as a laser nurse can have potential risk to her conceiving ability? does anyone have problem so far? I want to take the job but too afraid of the consequences.