Should I get Esthetics License???

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am currently working as an RN in Wisconsin (job in Med-Surg and unrelated to esthetics), and also enrolled in an esthetics program which I will complete in a few weeks. I am having a very very difficult time trying to determine if I should seek licensure for esthetics also. My nursing license does cover my esthetics practice. Should I even take the time, stress, and money to obtain another license? I am looking for any helpful information or experience that will help me decide what to do. I am having a difficult time finding nurses who have obtained an esthetician license after becoming a nurse, but know of several estheticians who obtain nursing licenses (most of who elect to let go of esthetics license once they start career in nursing). Please help!
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  3. by   goldellie
    If you're actually gonna spend the time to work in a med spa/salon spa so that you can understand the approach and customer service aspect of esthetics than go for it, but if you're not gonna bother full utilizing the education/customer experience/job experience why bother wasting your money?

    There is plenty you can learn from other estheticians and work environments but don't bother investing if that's not your intent