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Okay guys, I posted a similar post yesterday and got a few responses but I need some fresh opinions because I have been presented with two offers and I have to make my decision TODAY! My anxiety level is sky high because I do... Read More

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    Quote from digoe74
    Hello --

    I just happened to come across your post and first off I will say that I am NOT a nurse yet, nor do I have any idea what an OR position would entail. However, I am a NYS Licensed Esthetician with several years experience doing LHR, Skin Rejuvenation, Cellulite Reduction Therapy, etc., etc., (I ended up as the Clinic Manager of one of these facilities). The facility I worked for was also a large LHR Facility, in business for a decade, with locations all over the U.S., Fortune 500. *If * by chance this is the same company that I worked for -- I highly suggest you do some research about them so that you can make an informed decision. Just a friendly suggestion, and I wish you much luck!
    Thanks for your post. It may not be the same because this place does ONLY LHR. Did your facility that you are speaking of do other things besides LHR?

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    Quote from hopfrogger
    Thanks for your post. It may not be the same because this place does ONLY LHR. Did your facility that you are speaking of do other things besides LHR?
    My particular facility provided several services but other locations around the country did just LHR. If you would like to speak further on this, you may PM me as it would be inappropriate for me to post too many particulars in a public forum.
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    I would definitely choose aesthetics:

    Closer to home
    Better Pay
    Better hours
    Less stressful
    Sounds like it could be fun

    I shadowed at the OR for a full day, and I hated it. yeah, the surgeries were somewhat interesting but the role of the circulator didn't interest me one bit. I would have rather been helping out with the surgery (scrub nurse I guess they're called).
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    Quote from hopfrogger
    I appreciate all the advice

    Canesduke: The laser hair removal center does not have any doctors or surgeons working there, only treatment providers (nurses), so meeting plastic surgery contacts would not be happening there. But that is good thought

    I do suffer from anxiety, but I also feel that I am and can be hyper-vigilant. I like one patient at a time. I did not succeed on the floor and was too overwhelmed because I am just not good with time management of multiple patients. I would get so overwhelmed and flustered because I am so slow at first when I learn something because I want to do it perfectly. It is counterproductive but its hard to change that about myself. I want to take a medicine for my anxiety/OCD behaviors but I am worried that would just fog up my cognition, short-term memory, and vigilance would be out the window!

    When I am learning something, I have to do it repetitively a few times, maybe more.. and a little slower than most. But once I have it down, I'm great!
    I'm worried the OR will be too fast-paced, I will be too slow.. I dunno. I have just had bad luck with nursing so far and don't want to make another bad decision.

    As far as my long term goals... I'm not sure. Just trying to find my niche.. for my unique personality type (Aquarius, INFP, weirdo (Lol)
    Okay, I know this was a year ago, but you can't be slow in the OR. It is the most stressful job I have ever had! Just because there is only one patient at a time doesn't mean you don't prioritize.
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    If you have issues with time management then OR is not for you. They really heavily look into turnover times and expect you to function real quickly. Good luck hope that info helped.
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    i know this was an old post, you probably already took a position, but for my two cents: if you have issues with stress/OCD then the OR would be a tough place for you. I was a circulator and was on the edge of panic attacks almost everyday. It is an incredibly tense situation where time is always top priority. Surgeons are NOT patient people and they do not care about the nurses. They want what they want when they want it. I can tell you of many times when a surgeon asked me for 3 or 4 things AT THE SAME TIME and then yells because he doesn't get them all at once. I hope you are enjoying whatever position you took and are happy and thriving there. I'd be interested in knowing how things turned out.

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