I need advise on becoming a nurse injector

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    I am an RN and I would like to become a nurse injector. Right now I am a school nurse and do not have a working relationship with a doctor. I have found a few certification classes to attend. In my first phone call to register, I was told I need a dr. To sign a form for me so I could inject at the seminar... Why? I'm assume to use the product? Some cert classes require you to bring your own product, which would require you to get an order from a dr.
    please correct me if I'm wrong.

    So here's my question... How do I go get trained without already working with for a dr.? I see ads for nurse injectors, but I don't see how I'd apply when I have been trained yet?
    and if I need to "ask around" to find a dr.... How does one go about doing that? Ugh. I want to start this direction change in my career, but I'm stuck. And yes, I can inject as a RN in my state.

    any cert class re commendations?
    thank you nurses.
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    Hi Buffyjk, Have you found any more information on this topic? I seem to be having the same trouble as you. I cannot find any sort of regulations on this for my state. I have found several courses, but I do not want to spend thousands of dollars on a course if I can only practice in a doctors office. What happens if I can;t find a position in one? I have been offered a job working in a local spa, and would really like to get my feet wet in this field and see where it takes me.