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  1. Can someone give me some advice regarding training courses for Aesthetic Nursing please? I live in San Francisco area and have been searching online for some courses to take. I have graduated from a nursing school since 2010 and have been working in a Skilled Nursing Facility then a Home Healthy Agency. I feel that it's time to explore something I really love and have high interest in. Here are some information I have found so far:
    1. National Laser Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have several courses ranging from 3 to 8 days.
    2. College of Medical Aesthetics in Long Beach, CA (17 weeks courses!)
    3. Aesthetic Medical Training. This one seems like a one day course and they travel to different states.
    Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. by   GOP-RN

    My background is in Perinatal and I switched to Aesthetics almost a year and a half ago with no formal training. I have always been interested in aesthetics and rejuvenation and became passionate about it 17 years ago at the first stick of the Botox needle! I was fortunate to be trained by my boss (she is an NP with a background in ER and is now an injector). While I had some knowledge when I began, it was all primarily learned on the job. You can get your ASPSN if you are going to the surgical side, but for aesthetics, there are no real professional/accredited "certifications". There are places that offer training (very expensively) that will give you a certificate upon completion of their course but it isn't necessary. If you can get with someone that will allow you to shadow them for a couple of months and train you, the reps (i.e. Allergan, Merz, Galderma,etc. ) will come in and offer training.
    In my case, the pay and benefits aren't as high as what I made in the hospital but I am very happy and have a great sense of job satisfaction and low stress.
    I wish you the best of luck!!

    Gabriela Smith, RN
  4. by   Jchaivisut
    Thank you so much for you reply! I'm now also exploring the one day courses for botox and filler training as well as talking to my own doctor about the field =) I'm hoping to start applying soon!
  5. by   Cpereira
    I'm seeking for a specialization reliable in Aesthetic Nurse and near me, I live in Costa Mesa, CA. If you have some information, please help me. Cleirene Pereira, RN.
  6. by   abbyniziol
    Hi there!

    I'm a cosmetic Nurse Practitioner and RN injector, and to be honest, it's all about who you know.

    If you can get your foot in the door with a provider who is in the field, that's the most important step. You can become a "Certified Injector" with a simple weekend course, i.e. Medical Aesthetics Educators. After your course, you will want to train with both your overseeing physician/another advanced injector as well as the reps for the different products (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, Restylane, Radiesse, etc). There is no "right way" to train; as long as you are confident in your procedural skills and have the proper education, all it takes is time, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Best of luck!!
  7. by   sippee
    Can I ask what state you are in ? I live in RI and I'm hearing the np, pa, and md do it themselves and don't delegate it out to RN's.
  8. by   paul3489
    Out of curiosity what's the going rate for a cosmetic np?
  9. by   Mazie21214
    Does anyone have an advice how I can get training for aesthetics? I am finding no one will hire me since I am a brand new nurse
  10. by   abbyniziol
    Yup as an NP I do the procedures, I have yet to work in an office where there is an RN injector. Have practiced in VT and NY
  11. by   abbyniziol
    I've seen fluctuations starting at $32 hourly upwards of $60 hourly with productivity, meaning well into the six figures ...
  12. by   Nbrn01
    Hey, I know this reply is from 2016 but hopefully you're still on here! Haha I am a registered nurse currently doing floor nursing. I have recently decided to switch to aesthetics. I want to get my NP but am unsure of what route to take. What did you specialize in for your NP? I am reading some people that went for family NP and then did specific training for aesthetics. If you don't mind could you share your education and training journey with me so I can try and start to get an understanding of where I need to start.

    Thanks in advance!