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  1. kindly share your experiences as to warn others about the limbo they may face in the english course under student visa offered by this agency..they promise applicants esp nurses like "be in new zealand as early as 60 days" ..yeah, and be a healthcare assistant/watcher, on-call job basis with limit of 20 hours work per week..they do not even assist their students in finding a decent job after the said course, thus, most tend to enroll in another course just so they could extend their student visa.phew
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  3. by   businessglobe
    There are two 'World Connect's in the immigration and visa industry. The first one is WorldConnect Consultancy (who processed my 3-year multiple student visa entry in UK and they helped and provided me with all the services that i need) and the other one is World Connect Consultancy Services, inc. You are probably referring to the second one. One of my classmates back there in the Philippines experienced the same thing that you did. It's just fair that they get to distinguish which one lives up to their promise and which one doesn't.

    For those of you who would want to go to UK or Canada, check out this website, They helped me from the first part of the application and assisted me with all the documents that i need to get my approved visa. They also arranged for my accommodation, pick up at the airport, and provided me the list of hospitals and caregiving institutions where i can apply. i am now on my 3rd year here in UK. I have a work visa and i'm doing very well.