Where a BSN,RN nurse would be welcomed as an worker immigrant easily ?

  1. I'm not aiming towards Australia, Canada nor America because of complications.

    I'm aware of getting licensed, so don't worry and list the countries.

    I'm from Israel, male, mid 20's.
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  3. by   iamnomad
    New Zealand? Well, it's not easy really since you have to do some sort of bridging program, just like in Australia. And NZ's immigration and employment condition is somewhat comparable to Australia and Canada. So I guess cross off NZ.

    UK? Well, it's not easy either especially from someone outside the EU. Same with Ireland, I guess.

    Any specifics?
  4. by   asddas
    I was thinking about : Hon Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Finland, Norway...but I'm still open to other countries.
  5. by   iamnomad
    All those countries require you to be proficient on their own language. I think you can practice in Singapore with just the English language, but I could be wrong.

    I believe you also need to do further training if you want to practice in Finland and Norway. I have a colleague here in Australia, she's from Norway. She studied here in Australia and she went back to Norway only to find out that her Australian degree is not acceptable in Norway and she was told to study again, the whole nursing program, in Norway. Plus, I believe they also prioritise EU/EEA citizens.