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hi there!!!:nuke:i need help with registration at pearson vue...:typingi was registering online and filling up the required fields with necessary infos when i came across a question requiring me to... Read More

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    program code for the philippines is 99-425

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    Quote from shygurl
    hi dave...hi lawrence...thanks for the info...but when i scrolled down and saw my country (philippines) and tried clicking the "next" button, it didn't worked. i was told that i should put in a program code, that's why i got confused. enwey, i'll try again later with your suggestions...:wink2:thanks a lot!!!
    hey shygurl! hi!

    i dunno if this is still your recent thread but anyways problem solved.. the program code for philippines is 99-425. for other pips out there click on this ..
    ciao! god bless!!! tc!
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    yeah its 99-425.. thanks for the correction toby. i edited my post na.. anyway this keeps on popping.

    "An answer must be supplied to the following question: Select the nursing program from which you graduated. Please fill in any combination of the following fields."

    i have alredy selected, yet still ,my gosh im so sleepy na and still its the same .. hay... what could be wrong?
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    Philippine nursing code is 99-425(*_*)
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    yep, the program code for philippines is 99-425. i had the same problem too. i called the pearsonvue and asked for help and this guy said to leave the country at select, leave the state and city blank and just type in the 99-425 code in the box. hope this helps alot of u guys. mabuhay philippine nurses! yea! hehe
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    Shygurl , Fyure, Dave, Lawrance ..............thanks a lot your covercation on program code can help me a lot to register me
    it's very tough if you dont't konw about it......it's like this
    god bless you all
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    i know many of you who want to register for nclex exam need to know this.anyhow, the program code for nursing program in the philippines is 99-425
    another problem that you code possible encounter during registration is the following error;
    an answer must be supplied to the following question: select the nursing programfrom which you graduated. please fill in any combination of the following fields.”
    when this happened, simply delete your entry on the “city” where you graduated, and just fill-in the program code only. then click “search”.
    hope this helped.
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    Hi I just did. I was graduate in Brazil. Just select your country (nothing else) and search. The code automatic will appear on the screen!

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