US RN w/ 2 yr ASN in US and 1 yr BSc in UK, trying for NMC registration

  1. [font=times]basically...i've been an rn for 4 years in the us. i've done a 2 year asn degree in the us and most recently topped up my degree to a 1 year bsc in the uk (i also have a 4 year bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field). i've already applied for my nmc registration in the past and was denied b/c i got misinformation from a uk recruiter who said the nmc would accept me w/ a 2 year degree (big mistake). after finishing my bsc program in the uk, i've been in touch w/ the nmc to ask how i can reapply. on a side note, the nmc previously told me that if i were to do a 1 year bsn/bsc program, then i would meet the 3 year requirement and my application would be reconsidered. upon contacting the nmc, they have now said that the program i most recently did in the uk would not be accepted b/c it did not lead to nmc registration. obviously, i knew my course would not lead to registration when i was taking the course. but when i asked why it wasn't accepted since it would mean i had a total of the 3 year nursing requirement, they did not have a clear answer for me. in addition, i'm married to a uk citizen and will have my uk spousal visa. this is the breakdown of my clinical/theory hours...
    clinical hours: 810
    theory hours: 2,310
    it's been very frustrating, and i'm sure many of you can relate. the nmc is difficult to get answers from and often contradict themselves. they've suggested trying to apel my previous experience to go toward an nmc approved course, but as i've tried to tell them, those courses are not open to international students (even though i'm married to a brit). do any us rn's have any insight, or have had successful registration w/ a 2 year asn and 1 year bsn/bsc? thank you very much and good luck to all of you out there trying to register
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  3. by   Nurselexii
    hey did you ever get registration 810 clinical hours is enough the new requirement for foreign trained nurses from USA is 1500 clinical hours with 1000 theroy hours and 500 clinical hours have you thought of doing an online top up nursing programme as offered in University of Debry im thinking of going that route but i want to hear from someone anyone who had a ASN degree and got NMC registered. The clinical hours in a BSN program are just maybe 40 hours more than an ASN program most ASN programs offer at least 500 clinical hours. can I emai you or can you email me?
  4. by   Gem1210390
    You education needs to be comparable to the uk. Last year we became a degree profession so I would imagine you would require the bsc to register with the nmc. The online top ups that you are looking at from the university of derby are to top up diploma courses they took a few years ago. Nurses do these whilst working on a ward but have already met the hours for clinical and theory in there previous diploma course. The top ups are normally done in a speciality which the nurse in working in...

    I am aware that Scotland are doing a two year course that will allow registration with the nmc.

    Here is the nmc booklet regarding registration for foreign trained nurses with the hour requirements which is currently 4600

    You will also need an English language test