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    Quote from markjohn
    I want to apply for skilled migration sponsored by a relative in Australia..I try the calculator in the web and I have passed the 60 points mark...My problem is I do not have a paid experience but I have 3 years volunteer experience Will they consider my experience???Another is what type of IELTS is needed in SKILLED MIGRATION ...GENERAL OR ACADEMIC

    must be paid employment, need ielts suitable for your occupation. Need to be assessed by AMNAC
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    Hi everyone,

    I intend to apply for the 456 visa later on for my BP. The application form asks if one has been refused a visa in Aus or another country and requires explanation for such. Does this include a denied US tourist visa application? If so, will this affect the approval of the 456? Would appreciate it a lot, thanks!
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    If it asks about other countries and you was denied a US tourist visa then you have to tell them about it
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    Quote from ceridwyn

    must be paid employment, need ielts suitable for your occupation. Need to be assessed by AMNAC
    thank you ceridwyn

    I will rephrase my question ..What if I have passed the 60 points mark without an experience will they Invite me to apply?
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    I am not an immigration assessor to give you any advice.....though I would hope you have been assessed by ANMAC and you said previously you will be sponsored by relative...hope they live in area that allows them to sponsor...and that you truly can claim all 60 points...
    It seems Australia is very keen to keep increasing immigrants with a nursing degree, even though jobs are becoming difficult to obtain, even for local nurses, so you most likely have a good chance, if you have the 60 true points.
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    Got my visa already! I'm so happy! 😃
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    Quote from vitug.annie
    Got my visa already! I'm so happy! 
    Me too! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!
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    Not for me, but I have a few PH friends who are considering going to AU for possible new grad jobs, but what's the reality check that one must consider in today's nursing job market there, especially if one is from the Phils?

    What sort of pay scale is there of new grads, preferably in a hospital setting, they don't want to go into home care or private caretakers or LTC facilities.

    We all know of the global effect on the nursing job market, but wondering if it's really any better in AU? Some friends think it's the "new" promise land, but I'm telling them "don't keep or make a promise if you can't make it happen.'
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    Our own new grads are finding it hard to get jobs.Some have reported nurses with 5 10 years of experience can't find jobs.They will require a lot of money to become registered here and there is no guarantee of finding a full time job so that they an get a working visa.Many jobs advertised state for one of the criteria - must have right to work in Australia.Many just look and see these adds but do not look further.
    Australia as no shortage of inexperienced nurses. Usually overseas Filipino and Indian nurses with no experience have gone to aged care where jobs were plentiful but this now is difficult.
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    Quote from vitug.annie
    Got my visa already! I'm so happy! dde03
    Hi how many days after your medicals have you waited for your visa?

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