Filipino USRN's with pending EB3 petitions with 2006-2007 Priority dates

  1. 0 May I know if there are Filipino USRN's here in the Phils. who were currently waiting for their EB3 visa,but not working in a hospital.

    I have a pending US EB3 petition or the Immigrant visa for Skilled Workers,(January 2007

    I just am ust worried that when my PD becomes current and my hospital in the US found out that I am no longer working as a nurse here in our country, they might not give me the job offer anymore.

    I applied through an agency here in the Phils. year 2005 and got a hospital job offer from USA, but back then I was currently working in a hospital. I had a 4 yrs hospital exp. Sept 2005- Jan 2010, since then, I never had a hospital experiences.

    May I ask if someone has the same situation as mine and what do you think is the best thing to do, it is really difficult to be hired in a hospital now due to large numbers of applicants competing for job vacancies. Going abroad like Singapore or Mdle East for work too is a great risk because the processing is long and the movement of the EB3 is unpredictable, my PD might be current then when I arrived to some countries to work as a nurse.

    Open for advice,Thank you very much!
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    Hmmm. check US Visa bulletin when your PD is current. You can just look it up!

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