CGFNS didn't show my Geriatric Clinical Hours. What to do? - page 2

Good day to everyone, I received a letter from the B.O.N. of Texas saying that I didn't have my clinical hours listed in the CES report that I requested from CGFNS. When I took a closer look it indeed didn't have my clinical... Read More

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    Hi nirj,

    I didn't applied yet. Hopefully on the first week of feb , very soon.
    Is the CES take long time to evaluate? what abt yr CES?
    Did u applied already?

    Nice to see u here !!

    keep on share mate.

    Thank u !


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    hi titrls,

    Did you fix your problem?
    You finished your bachelor or pcl nursing titrls !

    have good luck !

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    I'm so confused..... do I need course by course evaluation CES for Tx (?), clinical hrs (?)
    I'm just starting the process from Canada.
    The goal is to have a TN... any suggestions would be helpful..... thank you. Good luck to y'all.
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    hi bethlearnung,

    yes u need CES for TX board.

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