CA license: with foreign BSN & U.S. MSN

  1. With all the problem of CA BON ATTs and license by endorsement, what if I have a foreign BSN degree, US RN license in another state, and a U.S. MSN degree. Would that help the BON to consider the deficiencies and allow me to endorse my RN license? (probably not cause it's a different grad/undergrad level, but, just wondering).

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  3. by   iamnomad
    That's a little tricky. Technically, you should be eligible for registration in California because you are licensed in another state and you're just endorsing your license. The MSN degree should also be a plus factor since that's higher level nursing and that means you have a BSN and an RN license. But I don't know how California BRN works. It's still up to them whether they approve or deny your endorsement.

    To be sure, ask them directly.