American RN in Hong Kong In Need of Help!

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    I've just moved to Hong Kong, b/c of my fiances job and I'm looking for some help to find a nursing job. I understand the HK nursing boards exam is in March & I will have to have my paperwork in by Oct. to be eligible to sit for the exam next year, but I have been told some private clinics accept American licenses. I was hoping someone may have a little more information of these clinics or maybe a connection to them. We didn't plan to move to Hong Kong until about 4 months ago, it was a very last minute decision. I only have 8 months experience and love being a nurse, I really really don't want to do anything else during my time in HK. Or maybe someone has an idea of Public Health jobs in Hong Kong that may hire a nurse? I also have an English/writing degree, so teaching a health course may also be a possibility. I'm just a little lost on where to start. I would appreciate any tips/advice. Thank you!
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    hey Kayla!

    Im planning to move to Hong Kong by 2014. I have a US nursing license and i was just wondering how did finding a job for you there work out? What were some of the things you did to become a nurse there? Just like you I only dream of being a nurse, so hopefully i could hear from you soon!


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