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Good day! I am a nurse from the Philippines and now planning to take NCLEX and be a registered nurse in Illinois. You see, I already passed the CGFNS as well as the IELTS. I was wondering if I need to request CGFNS a Credential... Read More

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    Quote from ricemilk
    yeah we should check our post office really bec they sometimes "dont"...You sent them a letter? Should I do the same though I sent them email already? Thank you.
    your email is enough. expect for your fingerprint print card. good luck! and let me hear hows your application. thanks

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    For sure I will. thanks a lot!
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    should i take the toefl first before i apply for the NCLEX? i don't know where to start. could somebody please guide me on what to do first? thanks!
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    First, it is impossible to apply for the NCLEX exam, there is no application for it. You are applying for licensure as an RN and need to meet the requirements for the specific state before they will grant permission for you to sit for the exam.

    If you have trained 100% in English, then you do not need to have the TOEFL done before you submit for the CES which is required by Illinois. But do be aware that the series of English exams are required for US immigration in order to get your Visa Screen Certificate.

    There are more current threads available for information about the state that you wish to work in, suggest that you do a search for those.
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    thanks!! i will do just that.

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