Where do you look for work?

  1. Hi!

    I wanted to ask nurse practitioners directly for some help. Where do you typically look for work? Do you use online resources or word of mouth?

    I've been utilizing job boards and linkedin to try and find nurse practitioners looking for work, but sometimes I just feel "stuck" -- particularly on jobs that require specialities that are "hard to find" or jobs that may be "hard to fill" (usually due to location!!)

    My top resources are linkedin and pajobsite.com, but the problem that I have with linkedin is that I'm often emailing people who are NOT looking for work. With pajobsite.com, I may find information that's over a year old (and again, probably not looking for work!)

    What are some resources that you use? Any words of advice? Are there any resources that you prefer over linkedin or any websites that you favor?

    Any help would be appreciated!
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    I'm not looking right now.

    However, I'm an ACNP in critical care and all the jobs I've had were obtained from applying directly to hospital career websites in addition to networking with an insider within the hospital I'm interested in getting hired in. I've had an unusual luck getting hired cross country by filling out a career website application on the internet alone.

    If I were looking, I would likely respond to email updates from state NP associations (CANP, in my case). I get recruitment cards from various organization in my work mailbox all the time but they almost always do not match the kind of specialty I offer (i.e., I get many primary care job opportunities in the mail). I also would respond to recruitment in a NP-focused social setting (conferences, chapter meetings).
  4. by   Psychcns
    I am a psych CNS and I do locums as a provider with staff care. I initially hooked up with staff care because of a recruiting email and my initial recruiter was very good. She Kept in touch and kept me appraised of openings. I also wrote to an NP career coach i found on the internet and she gave Staff Care a pass.
    Now in addition to locums. I would like to do on-line teaching. I met someone at a locums work site who told me about a friendly school. I went to their website and I will send in my rsum with this person's name as my contact.
    I look regularly on indeed.com. just to see what is available. I could see sending in a resume if I found something on indeed.