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  1. Anyone have any good websites/guidance on advancing in your nursing career? I've only been a nurse 4 years now and am looking to go back to school, just not exactly sure where to start and am not 100% decided on the pathway to choose. I have been bouncing around, travel nursing here and there, but ER has always been my home. Time to buckle down and figure out where to go from here. I guess I just have the desire to do more than just be a floor nurse, not that that's a bad lifetime career choice at all. I feel like I would be burnt out 10 years down the road just working in the same ER...Thanks!
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  3. by   perioddrama
    Like you stated, there are numerous pathways to advance one's career.

    What is your true passion? Try and pick a general path: Do you want administrative? Education? Nurse Practitioner? From there, you can see what specific path you want and see what schools offer that program.

    Take Nurse Practitioner as an example. Do you want FNP? Adult-Gero NP? Peds NP? And then, there's acute care vs. primary care. And of course, some schools offer other types of NP options, like ER NP.

    Good luck!