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What is the problem?

  1. 0 I graduated August 2012 from Fairleigh Dickinson with a post masters certificate as a APN. I have done nothing but battle with this school to provide the proper documents for taking the certification exam and licensure. Today after applying to NJ for my NP license they sent a letter that my transcripts are not right. I also have paperwork to submit for prescriptive privileges in PA. All being held up because no one has a clue. Phone calls and emails go unanswered and as a alumni you have to beg. For a place of higher education they should be embarrassed. Hence why they are known as Fairleigh Ridiculous. Back to the nasty calls once again tomorrow.
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    Id let them know that you're a blogger and will, if necessary, write EXTENSIVELY about your situation until resolved, as you have much time on your hands to do so since your certification and license are necessary for employment.

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