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Hello! I have seen forums for the previous years' application cycles, but not for the class starting fall 2012. Sooo... how's it going for everyone? I take the GRE on Friday (gah!) so of course I'm trying to avoid studying for... Read More

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    Is it appropriate to send a thank you note following the phone interview? Or even just en email thanks?

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    I would go with a card b/c it's more formal, and make sure I sent one to each individual that was on the phone. That is so great that you have already had your interview and it went well!! Since you were on the first day of interviews, I think that is a really good sign. Since last friday, when I heard that you got the email I have been checking my email quite frequenty ever since. I am just hoping that since I am prespecialty that they might wait and do those interviews last. Who knows? Hopefully we all get in!!
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    @Rob_Rn-- I hope so too! I applied by the priority deadline and really hope they are interviewing those who already have a BSN first!!! I have yet to hear and am getting nervous!
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    I am a bit nervous also. The fact that we BOTH haven't heard anything and are both prespecialty who applied by priority deadline I guess is a bit comforting. Hopefully we will get an email soon!
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    I hope so!!!! I applied priority deadline, did you? That will be more comforting to know as well!! I do have a friend who got in awhile back and said she didn't hear until late January/early Feb for her interview.
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    @Annep85: Yes, I applied by the Dec 1st deadline and was at open house last fall. It is still very early, so no since in getting too wound up I suppose. Hopefully we'll be sitting in class together this coming fall!
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    I think that maybe they do go ahead and interview the BSN people first. They told me I'm at an advantage becaues I already have a BSN and am a distance option. They have limited clinical sights in Nashville and I was told that they reserve most of those for the prespecialty students. I'm not sure why they would favor those of us that are already nurses but it seems that they might admit those first? I guess I will go buy some thank you cards on my lunch and send them out today. They should get to Nashville by Friday, you think that is soon enough? I hope so. I feel like sending an email would be sufficient but I guess a personalized note is always going above and beyond. I didn't get too much of a chance to thank them on the phone. They asked if I had any questions and I asked one and then they just kinda answered that and jumped into wrapping up with the info about when letters would go out. I know they must have to limit the phone calls and mine was a little over 30 minutes. I had the last time slot yesterday and there were about 10 total so I guess they are doing them about 10 per day. I wonder how many PHMNP applicants there are vs how many spots?? I wanted to ask that but didn't get the chance!
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    I think Friday is plenty soon enough personally. However, if it would ease your anxiety, go ahead with some thank you emails. Or shoot, do both. I don't think you will be faulted for being overly kind in your appreciation for the time they took for you. I just know that these professors get tons of emails daily, so I just think a card would stand out a bit more. I heard that there will be about 10-15 spots for those with a BSN degree and approx. 23-24 spots for prespecialty. However, they do what they can to get as many in the program as possible. This info comes from the open house I went to last fall, so please take it for what it is. For all I know they could have changed everything around by now.
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    It came!! It's here!! I just checked my email and i have an interview scheduled for Friday!!! Now I'm nervous!
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    Hey i have been obsessively stalking this forum since i submitted my app. Congrats to those who have heard back about phone interviews--how exciting! Have any pre-specialty students heard back about an interview? I am a pre-specialty acnp applicant. It is my understanding that students are typically interviewed for the more competitive specialties (Psych & FNP), but i just want to be sure

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