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Hello! I have seen forums for the previous years' application cycles, but not for the class starting fall 2012. Sooo... how's it going for everyone? I take the GRE on Friday (gah!) so of course I'm... Read More

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    Are the FNP applicants getting a phone interview too? I am really nervous now. I had a 3.7 gpa but only a 1000 gre score. I probably won't make it, will I?
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    Hang in there AnaLong....according to the open house last year they look at the whole picture and consider everything!! believe...believe.... That is a good gpa and you meet the requirement on the gre!
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    Thanks silverbelle. I guess I am just starting to doubt myself because it is nearing THAT TIME. Has anyone gotten their financial aid packet yet?
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    Hey ya'll, I know that PMHNP is the only specialty that def requires an interview. I think sometimes they do them FNP or other ones that are very popular and they need to be competitive. I am a PMHNP direct entry applicant and I had my phone interview on Monday and this morning I received a message from the director of the program that she needs to clarify something about my references with me. I AM FREAKING OUT!! The earliest time I could get to speak with her is Monday at 4 so I'll be spending the next 5 days worrying!! I can't imagine what the issue would be... Has anyone else had a similar experience??
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    @ Analong, agreed with Silverbelle.... It is not all on one thing or the other, and I was told as long as it meets the minimum that is good. Obviously, higher scores are always good, but I am in the same boat with a lower score for gre and good gpa like you. I got an interview so I think definitely do not feel discouraged!!!
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    Quote from Rob_RN
    I think Friday is plenty soon enough personally. However, if it would ease your anxiety, go ahead with some thank you emails. Or shoot, do both. I don't think you will be faulted for being overly kind in your appreciation for the time they took for you. I just know that these professors get tons of emails daily, so I just think a card would stand out a bit more. I heard that there will be about 10-15 spots for those with a BSN degree and approx. 23-24 spots for prespecialty. However, they do what they can to get as many in the program as possible. This info comes from the open house I went to last fall, so please take it for what it is. For all I know they could have changed everything around by now.
    Does that mean 23-24 prespecialties TOTAL? Or for each specialty? I am so nervous its crazy. I started off as CNM/FNP but now I am just applying to CNM because they emailed me right at December 15 telling me they read my interview answers and said it seemed like my intentions were purely CNM and whether I would like to just do CNW speciality as apposed to the dual focus- I said yes, because it seemed like that was the right answer. Anyway, ahhhhh! I want answers haha
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    depends on the specialty-- but i would guess 20-30 (seems high though) max per specialty!
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    Great job getting the interview AnneP85!!
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    Hey Barbara,

    When I said 23-24 prespecialty students, I meant for PMHNP only. I am not sure about any other specialty other that the PMHNP, and even then, it is just an estimate I got from the open house. Hope that helps clear up what I was saying a bit. Good luck to ALL!!
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    Almost February and I kind of want to get a feel for everyone on the forum. If you would be so kind, could everyone share what program you are applying to, where you did your undergraduate, experience level, GPA, GRE, etc? I'm from Florida applying for CNW, I graduated from University of Florida with a 3.8, I have only 100 hours of shadowing experience (eep!?) and a 1080 on the GRE. I applied to SU and northeastern as well, but I can't attend SU as I wont be ready to start in May, and apparently northeastern only accepts people with work experience in nursing. That always gets me- how can you get experience in nursing if you are a student with a non-nursing degree? Haha
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    Also- was everyone completely finished with Pre-req's when your application was submitted?
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    ahhh 24-26 spots I think for the PMHNP specialty. This does not take into account those applying with a BSN already-- that is a completely separate category. But 24ish spots for 70 applicants! Good luck to everyone I had my interview and I think it went well. Just asked me a few questions and if I had any.
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    Hi everyone,
    I've lurked for awhile (not nice, I know) and am applying for the CNM specialty. This forum has been so helpful, so thanks to everyone who has shared about their application process! I received an e-mail today asking to schedule a phone interview--now I'm so nervous! Anyone already had their interview for CNM? I'll be digging through previous years to glean any info about it I can

    Good luck to everyone!