USA MSN Family Nurse Practitioner Program Fall 2012

  1. Anyone out there starting the program this fall?
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  3. by   DAP AGPC-NP-C
    I'm in the adult/gero np program at USA. I'm doing a post masters and starting clinical this fall. I'm sure I can answer some of your questions.
  4. by   LRNGIRL
    Hi danapjmsn,Thanks for the quick reply? How have you liked the program so far? What are the negatives and positives of it? Are you going part time? Can it easily be done working full time and going part time through the lecture portion of the curriculum?
  5. by   DAP AGPC-NP-C
    I am doing part time without working. I only need core classes b/c I am doing a postmasters...already did thefluff classes. So far, I've taken patho, pharm, and finishing up asses. Now. I find it challenging, and I do study alot. Some do work full time and partime. I'm not sure I could handle
    it. Pros and cons...I have enjoyed my professors so far, and I've learned a lot. We use a device called secure proctor that finger prints, films and proctors while you take exams. Patho and pharm were open book, but you are not given enough time to look up a lot of answers. Assessment is not open, and from what hear, it is closed for the rest of the program. I'm making As so far, and hopefully will hold on to it for the next 2 tests.
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  6. by   LRNGIRL
    Thanks so much for all of the good info. I'm nervous about having to work full time but I really don't have a choice right now. Was patho and pharm really difficult?
  7. by   JenFlightRN
    I just finished USA in Mobile, Alabama this may 2012. I did the emergency nurse practitioner dual tole of FNP/Adult Critical Care. I did a post-masters. I think I may be able to answer some questions as well.
  8. by   LRNGIRL
    Hi flightRn,I am taking patho and a research class first semester. I work Monday through Friday right now,40 hours a week. Do you think it will be too much for right now? I was thinking I would drop work to part time after I start clinical rotations.
  9. by   LRNGIRL
    How did you like the program?
  10. by   cudabeanm
    Hey. Reading ur post. Im in the same program at usa and i also work 40 hours mon to fri. I would like to make friends quick so i will have someone to study with and ask questions. My email is