UAB MSN FNP Program for Spring 2012

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    Hello everyone,

    Hope all is well... I am very very very very nervous. I applied for uab fnp program for spring 2012, and I wanted to know if anyone has heard anything as far as when we should hear back.

    Also if anyone is in the program, how has it been going so far.

    Thank you so much...

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    Lize321, I too have applied for UAB spring 2012, but for the PMHNP track. I do know it states 30 days from last day of application submission, but I am guessing that is business days and not calender days. So, in theory, that should be around/after Nov 4th? Then letters will be mailed out, so that next week will be a hectic, anxious, watch, and wait for me also. But, I still check email everyday, and the apply website for any messages. I am also having a hard time concentrating on my current classes, which is Adv Assessment and Diag and I cannot afford to fail this one. I have a very high "B" which is required to pass, but an onsite intensive is fast approaching. I will be critiqued in my assessment via video and it is either a pass or fail, no in between. It also has to be passed to get credit for the entire course.
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    Hello MelrnbcAL,

    Stay focused I know the wait is frustrating, but remain focused. Although its hard to hard to do, focus on one thing at a time. Are you currently a non-degree student?
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    No, I am about to grad with a BSN. I have taken all the hours I can (12) as an undergrad toward a MSN degree. So the non-degree thing is out. If I am rejected for spring 2012, will have to wait until fall 2012 application time and take a break? Will really screw up my timeline.
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    Oh well in that case I think you should be fine. If they accepted you as a BSN students and you've obviously done well if they allowed you to take courses towards your MSN you have your foot in the door. You're in, just claim it and stop worrying about it.
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    Not so sure about that. They made it very clear that even though I am in the RN-BSN-MSN tract, the only thing I have the upper hand in is I am a long time in state resident and UAB employee. I can be wait-listed until the next admitting semester.
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    Well I'll pray for the both of us. Thats all we can do! Keep in touch. I'll let you know when I hear something hope to hear back from you as well.
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    I'm so glad I found this thread! I've applied for UAB's NNP track, and am just as nervous as you guys. Hopefully we'll hear something soon. Best of luck!

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    Hey Holly,

    We shall hear something next week...Good luck to you as well.

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    I know, I have found out they are having a big meeting friday, do not know why so that might delay it a little. also the director of my chosen track has been racking up airline miles for school business, so know they have not really sat down as of yet, ....I can say anything really i tend to procrastinate also, but am really a planner type of personality...LOL

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