Texas Board of Nursing issues with APN license endorsements

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    I am a CRNA applied for my APN license on 23rd of december. Took them 30 days to respond to my application. It took them 30 days to inform me about the documents they have received. I called them in between and the response was not to call them, they dont even inform you what they have received from you & what was missing in order to complete the application. On 25th of january I have received an email that they are missing the transcript but my school informed me that they have mailed the transcripts two times. I replied them that my school sent the transcripts. Then I received an email next day saying that they received the transcript but they need a different transcript, How come they didnt tell me that on day one? Midst of all these confusions I have been receiving emails from two different persons with different email ids from Texas board. All they say is they dont have enough resources to answer our calls and answer our questions. If that was the case why dont they charge us more fees, hire somebody, and expedite things so that we all can be productive. I am here with no money & no job to pay bills after going through the hell of anesthesia school. It might be my bad planning but Texas board is not very nice. Massachussets nursing board takes only 1 business day or hrs to issue an APN license. Massachussets which is the hub of educational instituitons usually they get lot of applications but they are not taking this long. Anybody in the same situation?
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  3. by   Psychcns
    My locum tenens agency told me it takes ten weeks to get a license by endorsement in Texas--now I know why. Hope you don't have to wait that long.
  4. by   jasy
    wow, I just receieved an email saying that check status online, its an automated email they send to everyone. Thats just pathetic when you charged $150 for application your not responsible to address whats going on with my application how many days will it take to process, wwooowwwww thats just wowwwww. No responsibility of acknowledgement of receipt of transcript no responsibility to tell how many days would it take to process. They just say DONT CALL US. Just unbelievable.
  5. by   mosarn1

    Any progress on your CRNA endorsement with TX? I am planning on endorsing my APN in TX soon and wanted to find out more information. Have you encountered any other problems? I appreciate you sharing!

  6. by   jasy
    got my license on feb 7th. but they are not very good with the pace they process, good luck.