Student in need of NP Interview

  1. Hi,I am an ACNP student in my last year of the program. One ofour assignments is to Interview NPs in different areas of the country. I amlooking for NPs who are willing to take a few minutes and answer some of thequestions below.
    If would rather contact with me via emai it is

    1. Do you feelthat you are able to practice currently at the full extent of your rolepreparation?

    2. If not whyand are there any changes in the works as a result of the latest IOM reportthat may affect that environment?

    3. What areyour greatest challenges that you are facing within your practice setting? 4. What stratagies are you using to address these current issues?

    5. What hasbeen your greatest success as an advance practice nurse?
    6. Do you feelyou were prepared adequately to assume leadership roles that go with theAdvance practice nurse role? If not, howdid you obtain this knowledge/information?
    7. Do you feelthat with the presence of the APN role in your institution that it has anaffect on medical errors and/or "nonevents". If so how or what would you recommend?
    8. What advicewould you have for a new NP graduate beginning a new role?
    9. Do you doany activities outside of patient care that supports APNs or your development?
    10. How long didit take you to transition to the ACNP role?
    11. What have youdone in your role to affect patent safety and out comes?
    12. How do youhandle patient near miss or adverse incidence in you role?
    13. Have you seena pattern regarding fatigue or stress levels and mistakes? What have you doneto prevent this?
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  3. by   juan de la cruz
    You know I see a lot of these posts and wonder how students can benefit from the NP's perspective without the actual face to face interaction. I guess it's the sign of the times and we're in a generation where technology has made interaction impersonal. I remember an ACNP assignment such as this one in my program and I actually set up an appointment with an NP who worked in an ED for the interview and I showed up with a voice recorder. Times have changed I guess. But then again your project requires interviews from NP across the country. BTW, those are very good questions...definitely relevant to practice. I could potentially answer but I'm not sure how to go about it. I feel answering the questions by email doesn't give the real picture.