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As an older nurse, coming from a previous career in the mental health field, I want to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I have 10 of my 14 yrs as an RN in psych and addictions... Read More

  1. by   barb2429

    You posted when you took your ANCC exam about a text book put out by Sadock that had psych questions to practice, so you remember which one you bought, they put out a few. I know it was last year but will be taking exam for 2nd time, and need more practice on questions. If you could email me the name of the book or edition if you get this post that would be great thank you in advance !
  2. by   TheIncredible
    Hey I am also planning on starting a PMHNP program in fall of 14. since this post has gotten some feedback, maybe I can get some feedback from you all.

    I applied to several schools, have so far been accepted to Drexel, Allen College, and University of Southern Indiana.

    Pending approvals are U of Southern Miss, Wilkes U, and St Louis University(I applied to them for sping 14 but was not accepted)

    I live in Florida and will be doing these programs online. My question is does anyone have any information about each school and which I should choose?

    I have about 30 days to select a school out of the 3 I was already accepted to. And I wont be hearing back from the other 3 schools for 2-3 months.

    So I want to ensure I get into a program so I will be selecting either Drexel, Allen, or USI, and if I end up liking another school down the line I guess I can back out of my initial decision (with some financial penalty im sure).

    Any advice for me?

    p.s. Drexel and USI are 3 year part time programs.
  3. by   Ukraine_vs_USA
    Bigerk60, what criteria did you use while choosing an univirsity?
    I recently started seriously thinking about Psych NP program. However, I am turn appart which school to apply.