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Psych NP job opportunities

  1. 0 I'm currently a family NP student, but seriously considering changing to psych/mental health NP. I have always loved psych. I currently work in a step down unit. I'm worried about choosing such a specialty and then having difficulty finding a job. And also worried since I haven't worked in strictly psych as a RN. Does anyone have any thoughts/advice? Thanks!
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    Oh my! There are already many threads on this. You can search them. If I were you, I would finish family then do psych as post-master (if you still want to). Since you already started, I would not throw money and time away and switch. The expanded medical knowledge will be helpful for you in some psych NP position. As u see on this board, there are also psych NPs who went back for FNP for expanding medical knowledge.

    FNP is a board specialty initially but gives you the long-term opportunity to specialize in a much more lucrative fields (ER, derm, hospitalist NP, pain management).