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PMHNP practice state by state

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    I am hopeful that some of you can provide some insight on something. I am curious to hear what practice looks like for PMHNPs in other states, particularly Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, and Montana. I live in Oregon and out here, PMHNPs enjoy a very broad scope of practice and autonomy-they can own their own private practice and do not require physician supervision (unless required by a specific hospital), work on consult/liaison service, in community mental health, at university health centers, etc . I have found it very difficult to learn what practice looks like in other states, particularly in the area of private practice. I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on this.

    A PMHNP I know here shared this Barton and Associates resource which is helpful but from talking to a practicing NP in RI, I know that it is not as progressive as Oregon is despite looking equivalent on this chart.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I started in MA. and worked there again two years ago as a locums. The requirement for supervision is once every three months, a mechanism to notify MD if you prescribe Ritalin and maybe Klonapin and a few other things.
    I found it hard to find a supervisor to get started. Most MD's I knew were tied in with medical schools and did not do outpatient. I think there is extra insurance they have to have if they supervise.
    There is an organization in MA- NURS (nurses united for responsible services)- an APRN lobbying group advocating for more independent, less restrictive practices.
    Once you get the supervision in place I think MA has a lot of opportunities for private practice-this is what I have heard
    NH (close to MA) is indep.- I don't know about private practice.
    in MA, I knew people who got their supervision in groups. I knew one doc who had monthly meetings with aprn groups and charged $50 per person per session and was available for consultation etc
    I heard NC us very restrictive, ie MD's signing charts etc
    Hope more people respond.