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Passed AANP and ANCC on First Try: Here's How - page 2

I was looking for this kind of info when I was preparing to study, so I am hoping it'll be helpful. I initially took the Fitzgerald review course in January 2013 before the start of my final... Read More

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    Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences and supporting those of us in preparation for certification. I was wondering if any one had to take the NP HESI prior to graduation. We are taking ours in November. I am hoping to take the AANP cert exam soon after. I'm wondering if it is a good trial run of the actual exam. If anyone took the NP Hesi prior to certification, I would appreciate your thoughts.
    Thank you so much and congrats to those that passed and good luck to those preparing.
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    Quote from DMcAdory
    Good luck VTach...I promise your name describes what I was having everyday until I took boards and passed. You got this!
    Thanks DMcAdory! Thats what im feeling everyday too! Haha. I cant wait to get it over with!
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    Not the OP, but I did both too and have never quite figured out how to swing it .

    I use my state designation for rx etc, i.e. APRN. My resume reads "APRNlife, MSN, FNP-C, APRN-BC."

    Would like to see a consolidation between the two at some point in the future. Each was a very different exam with unique content, and a single exam combining elements of both would be a good challenge. Plus I want to buck the nursing paradigm and aim for as few letters as possible after my name!

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