Nurse Researcher Interview or Job Shadow

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    I'm in my last year of an RN-BSN program and for this last semester we are required to explore advanced practice roles. I really want to go to grad school to become a nurse researcher. For this class, we need to pick a role (nurse researcher) and interview and possibly observe at least 2 people currently in this role. I have contacted three hospitals that have research programs, one has gotten back to me and said sorry we can't help you because your school is not involved with us (my school is on-line but based on the other side of my state of PA). The other two have not gotten back to me but I know for a fact they have nurse researchers (UPenn and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital). I am feeling very frustrated because this class has deadlines and I have need to find people to interview. Is there are nurse researcher out there who would be willing to answer some questions or does anyone have any leads of nurse researchers in PA who could possibly help me out in person?? I guess my next step is to attempt to contact UP and TJUH AGAIN and then try pharmaceutical companies or something but I wanted to try to find someone here as well just in case. Thanks
    - Crystal
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