NP preceptor needed Phoenix, AZ

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    I am currently in my second semester of NP school (online through ball state university in Indiana). Starting in early May, I will have clinicals. Unfortunately, I am responsible for finding my own clinical sites, preceptors, and clinical faculty. I am looking for anyone interested in being a preceptor or clinical faculty. Preceptor has to be an NP or MD who works in a non specialty area and primarily with adults. Clinical faculty has to be an NP or MD who is willing to check my work and can not be affilliated with the preceptor (this person does get reimbursed for their time). If anyone is interested please feel free to reply to post!
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  3. by   miteacher
    I am also looking into doing the same program as you are...I am also in the Phoenix area. Did you find a preceptor? How do you like the program so far? Did you wait to get in? How long will it take you to complete the program?