NICU only experience ok for PNP program admittance?

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    Hello to all!

    I'm a current RN, BSN with 2+ years of Level III NICU experience and would love to further my education to become an NP... a PNP. Although I really enjoy what I do, I have zero desire to work primarily in a hospital setting (like most NNP's).

    I'm aware that many BSN students have gone straight into NP programs and have done very well not having had bedside experience at all, so I don't see how my previous bedside experience, even in just NICU, could hinder me from my chosen career path. I assume at least some experience would be seen as an asset. I mean, hopefully

    Can anyone provide some insight?

    Thanks so much!

    Yours very truly,

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    EverGraceRN, I would not even worry about that! I've been a Level III NICU RN for nearly 5 years myself, and I just completed the FNP program. My only experience is NICU (as well some mother/baby and NBN). I had the same fears as you, but honestly, your role as an NP is different from that of a staff RN anyway. Plus, you learn a lot of that stuff in school. Yes, it was a bit of a learning curve for me, and I even had one of my professors try to put me down for it, but in the end yes your experience would be seen as an asset. I know of a nurse that I used to work with, also a NICU (Level 2) nurse who completed her PNP program with only NICU experience. She's now working at a pediatric clinic and she loves it! You should go for it, and don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise!

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