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Hello Everyone, I am a new NP and struggling to say the very least. the days go by fast I am there 1-2 hours late. I am not sure how providers see pt in 15 min and are finished - completely. Everyday is something new. I have... Read More

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    Quote from traumaRUs
    But NPPR is just that: meds and prescribing. Uptodate is so much more: treatment options, tests to order, how to interpret the tests once you get the results, etc.

    Uptodate is updated DAILY with the latest info.

    I've been an APN for 5 years now and just subscribed to NPPR - haven't gotten my first edition yet.

    At any rate, its whatever your practice/MD wants you to use in the end.

    I do agree that this arrangement sounds like its mutually beneficial.
    LOL, for $450/yr it better be that good. The NPPR takes a while a while for you to recieve it because it is released quarterly. So it depends on when you ordered it.

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    I'm in ARNP school right now. I have shadowed a Primary Doctor in the Past. One thing I noticed is he did move very fast and efficiently because he was only addressing one problem and he knew what the diagnosis and treatments were immediately. He would go to each room very quickly order labs or simple point of care test, then go to the next patient while the blood was being draw or test being run. Yes you have to be fast yet attentive to the patient and their needs. It's a business and the physician may not be reimbursed as much as he/she charges. If the patient bring up another problem then they need to set another appointment.
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    Float RN is absolutely right...I am a FNP in a primary care clinic. I've been out of school for one year. You will get faster, I am slower than most but I don't care. Be patient, the first 6 months out of being a NP are 1000x harder than becoming a RN. I use epocrates on my iphone and love it, the premium package. It will give you everything you need. Never forget Dr. Google for unusual s/s, icd9 codes etc...Your best friend is in your pocket - a smart phone. Trust your gut instincts and practice safely! I worked as a self employed NP in 9 nursing homes/AL for my first year- it's a great setting to start a NP career. You have TIME!!!!

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